Game Changers: Travel that Transforms

Where will your imagination take you next? There is hope on the horizon, with plenty of new landscapes and surreal sojourns in our future. At JETSET, we dream big.

We believe in silver linings – and that behind every cloudy day, the sun still shines. We also revel in nature—an escape, a muse, and a bellwether of global health.

During this global pause, wildlife has flourished, carbon emissions have subsided, and we have contributed to the cyclical health of mother nature simply by our stillness. However, the stillness has caused disruption in many areas of the world, where conservation depends on tourism.

The abrupt halt in movement, and the ripple effect on the economy, has staunched conservation efforts worldwide.   And so we are now dreaming of and planning trips that—once borders reopen—will emphasize our motto: because travel transforms.  We strive for our JETSET footprint to be positive, impactful, and sustaining as we continue to travel the world, together.

Here are three game changers to keep on your travel radar—destinations and initiatives that transcend borders, expand our worldview, and support communities and wildlife.

Ready. Set. Engage …


Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Ask most any visitor to East Africa about trip highlights, and discovering the Maasai most always tops the list. The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) directly protects 283,000 acres of Maasai land and spearheads conservation programs aimed at protecting East Africa wildlife and wilderness. Anchored in promoting sustainable economic benefits to the local Maasai community, MWCT encourages the Maasai’s active participation as stewards of the critical ecosystem in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya. Conservation programs include wildlife research and protection, with more than 100 rangers employed to combat poaching. What’s more, the first REDD+ Carbon Project in the area sold its first credits in 2017 to Tiffany&Co and to Gucci in 2019.

Join the MWCT in preserving wilderness, wildlife, and cultural heritage for the benefit of the Maasai people. Click here for more information.


Sol Y Luna Association

Located in Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Sol Y Luna Association fosters holistic, community-based education. This pivotal organization got its start by helping local schools—improving infrastructure and organizing sports and cultural activities. The Sol y Luna Lodge was eventually opened, which further supports educational projects and creates community jobs. After 10 years of working with different schools and programs, founders Petit and Franz decided to also launch the Sol y Luna Intercultural School. Visit this incredibly spiritual part of the world, and you’ll support children, high-quality education, cultural programs, and sports—an impactful win-win.

100% of contributions are directed to the learning, well-being, and facilities of the children of the Sol y Luna Intercultural School. For more information, visit and click “Support”.


Fogo Island Inn

Known as Canada’s “island off an island” and lauded for its architecture and sleek design, Fogo Island Inn is as celebrates both community impact and luxury hospitality. Founded by Shorefast, 100 percent of the inn’s operating surpluses are given back to the community. The stilted inn (helmed by starchitect Todd Saunders) was built using primarily private philanthropic funds and government grants—as such, no financial contributors are seeking a return on investment. The result? A “not-just-for-profit” approach to a positive and productive relationship between capital and community. Money spent at Fogo Island Inn directly contributes to the well-being of one of Canada’s oldest European settled communities and is an investment in a different way of thinking. Yes, please!

Visit for an introduction to the key ideas behind the projects on Fogo Island. 


One of our core values that guides not only our processes, but also our selection of properties and partners, is sustainability.

We invite you to join the movement.