JETSET EXPERIENCES: Eau Palm Beach, a Magical retreat in southern Florida

“Magical.”  This seemed the most fitting answer when my Romanian massage therapist, Silvia, asked “How was the experience?”  The spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, formerly the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, is certainly an experience.  My interest was piqued when I learned that rather than dried fruit and infused water, guests are welcomed with sparkling wine and cupcakes!  How could I possibly go wrong?  This playful theme prevails throughout, most notably with a clock whose minute hand turns counter clockwise, essentially turning back time, reminding new arrivals to Pause. Play. Perfect.

Their unique ritual begins with a candle ceremony where a wish is made and then the floating votive is carefully placed in their “wishing well”.  The only rule is that the wish must be self-indulgent.  Wishing for world peace, for example, is off limits.  Wishing for eternal youth: perfect!

Next I was escorted through the expansive outdoor courtyard to my treatment room: Villa Proud.  Neighboring salons were named Villa Naughty and Villa Greedy, to paint a more colorful picture.  And the room itself was colorful too, with a range of hues offered to match your aura.  I selected teal.  

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