The Mustang Monument is a guest ranch blending rustic luxury with a unique opportunity.

Known for their intelligence and independent spirit, the name ‘mustang’ comes from the Spanish word ‘mustengo’, meaning ‘stray horse.’ Mustang horses roam North America in large herds and are a symbol of the American West. One hundred years ago there were two million mustangs in the United States, while today there are only about thirty thousand. Madeleine Pickens is the driving force behind Saving America’s Mustangs, which is a non-profit organization to help protect these beautiful animals.

Madeleine has successfully raised the necessary funding to develop Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-resort, scheduled to open in Northeastern Nevada in June 2014, which will help maintain the sustainability of the wild horse as well as educate the public about ongoing protection.

The reserve covers 900 square miles of scenic land and mountains, affording visitors the special experience of seeing mustangs in their natural habitat. Activities include photography expeditions, Native American beading classes, horse-drawn and off-road safaris, calf roping lessons, pristine hiking, and even spa treatments in an authentic tipi.  After an active day, guests retire to luxurious one-of-a-king tipis with king sized beds, hardwood floors, hand-made Native American rugs and 24-hour butler service.

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