Colombia is the only South American country to border both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, and has recently emerged from a traumatic and rich history. Expect stunning scenery, sophisticated culture, and vibrant eco-systems.

Located at 8,600 feet with 360-degree views, Bogotá should bookend any Colombian itinerary. Home to the country’s top chefs and designers, this posh city also touts dozens of local universities.

Medellín is the subject of cocktail chatter thanks to the hit series Narcos. Considered the world’s flower capital (we’ll book a tour of the flower farms located just outside the city), this vibrant city dances with trendy nightlife and live music. Its pleasant, year-round climate has lassoed Medellín’s “Eternal Spring” nickname.

Cartagena hugs the Caribbean Sea and is home to famous scribe Gabriel García Márquez. This charming, walled-in city allows visitors to wander cobblestone streets for table- and boutique- hopping. And don’t miss The Rosario Islands for a fun, sun-kissed day.

Lauren Maggard to create an unforgettable escape to Colombia.


Following political turmoil, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), has become one of the most buzz worthy destinations in Southeast Asia. After reopening its borders to visitors, there’s been a race against time for travelers wanting to visit this storied country before it’s overrun by tourism and modernization. Rapid change may exist, yet an authentic Burma experience is still on tap.

– Hot air ballooning over the mystic ancient temples of Bagan.
– Practice the unique leg rowing technique famous among Lake Inle fishermen.
– Visit local craftsmen from the ceramic, silk weaving, and blacksmith communities.
– Interact with the local Kayan community. Women wear brass rings around their necks in order to achieve elongation.

Our itinerary wish list includes floating down the Ayeyarwady River aboard one of the most noteworthy luxury boutique river cruises in the country. Discover unique local river communities while also navigating Myanmar’s major cities and most famous sites.

Lesser known are Myanmar’s beaches, which span more than 1200 miles! The most famous is Ngapali Beach. Just a 45-minute flight from Yangon, it’s an idyllic end to an adventurous itinerary.

Cally Pirrung to customize your Myanmar itinerary.


JET SET EXPERIENCES: Enchanting Morocco


Camel trekking in the Sahara Desert, exploring the Blue City of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains, winding through the busy medinas in Fes and Marrakech, savoring freshly caught fish at the port in Essaouira, or simply sitting at a cafe sipping mint tea watching the flurry of activity: Morocco is reminiscent of a bygone era.

Life in Morocco still exists as it did thousands of years ago. Though highways and cell phones have been introduced, the Moroccan people have preserved century old family traditions, making this country both romantic and nostalgic. One would never suspect, while nestled quietly in your riad, that right outside was a bustling medina with snake charmers, overflowing spices, and locals selling handmade carpets, jewelry, and pottery. The energy of the merchants and the market place is enough to keep you up all night enjoying the evening food market where you can sample fresh squeezed juices, olives, couscous and tagines. Morocco mesmerizes with its enchanting wonders.

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