JET SET EXPERIENCES: The Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan Awaits


Bhutan remains one of the few countries left to explore that has hardly been touched by the modern world. Only having opened its doors to outsiders since the 1960s, this isolated Mountain Kingdom nestled in the Himalayas offers both an adventurous and educational, while also reflective and relaxing, journey. Among the many experiences offered, one can explore Buddhism firsthand through meditation, prayer, and monastic visits; hike the Himalayas by day or on a multi-day trek, enjoy luxury camps and awaken to breathtaking views; raft rapids and drift past majestic dzongs; bike through ancient villages and across prayer flag adorned suspended bridges; or learn the national sport of archery from local youth. Miraculously, Bhutan has maintained its rich culture and pristine landscapes despite being sandwiched between two of the largest economies in the world: China and India. Quickly rising to the top of luxury travelers’ Bucket Lists, Bhutan remains one of the most alluring destinations of 2016.

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They say beauty comes from within. This statement resonates true in New Zealand. The country is undoubtedly esthetically pleasing; however, it is the people, the culture, and the experiences that truly make New Zealand extraordinary.

New Zealand is a young country and one of the last landmasses to be settled by humans (established by the Polynesians and Dutch). This land of ‘Kiwis’ – not the fruit or the bird, rather the term reserved for a person born in New Zealand – is a wonderful mix of Maori and British culture and language.

On the North Island, the city of Auckland offers a wonderful introduction. A coastal metropolis, Auckland is known for its sailing culture. Visitors can enjoy a day aboard the America’s Cup yacht exploring the harbor and environs. Nearby, the Bay of Islands is a mecca for golfing, fishing and beach hopping while in Rotorua, the Maori culture and the thermal pools offer soft adventure in abundance. A visit to the North Island wouldn’t be complete without an iconic glass (or bottle) of wine in Hawke’s Bay and Martinborough.

Whether by ferry or by plane, the journey across Cook Strait will lead you to the beautiful South Island. From wine tasting in Marlborough, journeying by train over Arthur’s Pass, ice climbing the glaciers, or overnighting aboard a boat in Milford Sound, you’ll think you’ve seen it all until you arrive into Queenstown: the jewel of the South Island. The unsurpassable beauty (captured in films like “Lord of the Rings”) offers only a backdrop to endless hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, bungee jumping, paragliding, and skydiving.

No matter your style, the luxury lodges, hotels, and resorts only mirror the natural beauty of the country and showcase the warm hospitality of Kiwis, making this one of the most desired destinations.

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JETSET EXPERIENCES: Defrost in warm weather luxury

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There is nothing like looking forward to shedding the bundle of jackets and snow boots that define many of our winters and anticipating a barefoot, warm-weather adventure on the beach. For a long weekend or a holiday getaway Costa Rica is the perfect escape for families and couples alike looking to sit back, relax and enjoy the splendors of this tropical paradise.

Las Catalinas, located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, is a novelty in the luxury accommodation world creating a unique and well thought out community village including private residences, studios and penthouses strewn among the cobblestone piazzas and sandy beaches that encompass this property. “Its purpose is to create a way of life that is healthy, sustainable, fulfilling and fun.” With over 30 km of mountain trails for biking and hiking, a triathlon-training course and their own private beach to soak up some well-deserved downtime, they have truly thought of everything to make this a home away from home.

On Saturdays enjoy a local craft and farmers market that sets up shop on the grounds as well as live music to complement the laid-back beach vibe of their outdoor lounge. Each modern and appropriately beach-themed residence comes with its own designated “house mom” who will greet you in the morning with fresh fruit and coffee as well as oversees your daily needs from a beach picnic to laundry.

With direct flights from Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto and New York (with additional cities anticipated for the 2015 season) the beaches of Guanacaste are only a short trip from your snowed-in city dwellings. Embrace your adventurous travel spirit and defrost in the lap of warm weather luxury at Las Catalinas. For more information on your Costa Rica getaway, contact Lindsey Woodcock at