JETSET EXPERIENCES: The Brando is truly your “oyster”!

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I’ve always believed – and perhaps this is the hopeless romantic in me – that the more inaccessible the destination, the more unforgettable the experience. The Brando, a newly opened LEED Platinum luxury retreat in French Polynesia, proves this hypothesis.

Marlon Brando first discovered Tetiaroa, an atoll 33 miles north of Tahiti, in 1960 while scouting locations for Mutiny on the Bounty. As they have with many before his time, the islands captured his spirit and left an indelible mark; they certainly had the same effect on me. Few places remain so unspoiled and so pristine, so it seems a natural consequence that the famous actor would put in motion the vision that would ultimately become The Brando, his namesake and legacy. His initial investment of $100 million developed the world’s first (nearly) self-sustaining, fully inclusive hideaway with only 35 bungalows. Those fortunate enough to visit will savor sundrenched days admiring the 32 shades of blue that beckon water enthusiasts to kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard, kite surf, snorkel, cruise, swim…or simply sink in to a sunbed next to your own private pool. Wildlife exists in abundance with unique bird species, sea turtle nests, humpback whale calving grounds, and coral gardens to shade rays and countless tropical fish. And then there’s always the Polynesian spa, Varua, to sooth the spirit – or Bob’s Bar to sip spirits. Whatever you elect, The Brando is truly your “oyster”!

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