JET SET EXPERIENCES: The Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan Awaits


Bhutan remains one of the few countries left to explore that has hardly been touched by the modern world. Only having opened its doors to outsiders since the 1960s, this isolated Mountain Kingdom nestled in the Himalayas offers both an adventurous and educational, while also reflective and relaxing, journey. Among the many experiences offered, one can explore Buddhism firsthand through meditation, prayer, and monastic visits; hike the Himalayas by day or on a multi-day trek, enjoy luxury camps and awaken to breathtaking views; raft rapids and drift past majestic dzongs; bike through ancient villages and across prayer flag adorned suspended bridges; or learn the national sport of archery from local youth. Miraculously, Bhutan has maintained its rich culture and pristine landscapes despite being sandwiched between two of the largest economies in the world: China and India. Quickly rising to the top of luxury travelers’ Bucket Lists, Bhutan remains one of the most alluring destinations of 2016.

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