JETSET EXPERIENCES: Gateway Canyons, Adventurous Delights in Our Adult Lives

There are very few occasions in life where adults can embrace the excitement of childlike wonder. While a beach vacation may sound like the ideal getaway for rest and relaxation, leave it up to John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel, and the team at Gateway Canyons to bring your inner-child to life.

Gateway Canyons is best described as a luxury adult playground. Located outside of Grand Junction, just across the Utah/Colorado border from Moab, you’ll find yourself indulging in experiences beyond your wildest dreams. From ATV tours and world-class mountain biking to helicopter tours, archery, and a shooting range. Your eyes will grow wide with the possibilities. Take their Driven Experiences for example; you’ll find yourself a passenger in a Pro Baja truck racing 80MPH on a private course, skidding around corners and flying over jumps, the only place in the world where you can enjoy this kind of delight.

Gateway Canyons also offers family-friendly activities including horseback riding, river rafting, hiking, rock-climbing and jeep tours. And for those looking to exercise their mind, they have created Curiosity Retreats, a five-day getaway featuring 1.5 hour deep-dive seminars with intimate access to “visionaries,

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