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Only a 45-minute flight from Miami, but an entire world away, Cuba and its people are authentic beyond measure. The allure of Cuba and its “forbiddenness” have attracted the more adventurous and experiential traveler for decades. With the recent opening between Cuba and the US, accessibility has improved and subsequently demand has increased. Change is imminent – and accelerating.

Isolated from Americans, but not new to tourism, Havana offers endless appeal from its colonial architecture, historical automobiles, pervasive music, progressive art, world famous cigars, and sports prowess – an enduring source of national pride. However, the best kept secret is its people. Cubans are joyful, generous, proud – brimming with life. Their singing, dancing, socializing – all a part of daily life – ooze from every corner at all hours of the day. One feels safer in Havana than in many other cities around the world.

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