Peru and Chile

A South American adventure from the peaks of mountains to arid deserts.

Trip Day 4

Morning Hike Up Huayna Picchu Mountain

Trip Details

Begin your early morning hike at 5:00am accompanied by your expert guide. As one of the first visitors of the day entering Machu Picchu, you’ll receive a numbered ticket to hike the tallest peak towering over the ruins named Huayna Picchu. After a grueling one hour hike straight up (using ropes and some stairs – for the fittest of travelers!) you will find exquisite views of the surrounding area and a unique perspective of the Lost City. Continue exploring the city’s ruins — visualizing the lives of the priests, craftsmen, and servants who called this seemingly uninhabitable citadel home. While excavations at the site have revealed skeletons, artifacts and woolen clothing, so far there’s no sign of gold.

That evening you will return to Cusco via the Hiram Bingham Express dinner train. Enjoy a Pisco Sour in the bar car and dance to the live music, before indulging in a delicious meal you have most definitely earned.


Longitude 13.1631°
Latitude 72.5456°
  • Llamas and Alpaca roam freely throughout Peru
  • After a long days hike, retreat back to the comfort of the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge
  • Traversing through the Peruvian terrain on the Hiram Bingham Express

Trip Day 10

The Oasis of San Pedro De Atacama

Trip Details

The quaint oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama sits in the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, and is the main base for explorations in the area. This region was the principal center of the Atacameños Indian culture, and relics such as the ancient village of Tulor built in 800 B.C., and the archaeology museum boasts hundreds of artifacts that have been well preserved by the desert’s arid climate. But it is perhaps San Pedro’s intangible magic that captivates its visitors in the end. San Pedro’s streets have a pleasant, bohemian vibe, and its adobe buildings maintain a certain charm and unique character.


Longitude 22.9147°
Latitude 68.1942°

Trip Highlight

The World’s
Leading Wines

​​The Colchagua Wine Country

The Colchagua Valley is one of Chile’s best known wine regions — famous for its full-bodied Cabernet, Carménère, Syrah, and Malbec, which regularly occupy the world’s lists of leading wines. Most of the wineries are concentrated at the center of the valley, and recently new plantations have begun to climb the hillsides toward the sea.

Expert Advice

While travelling through South America...

  • The bustling La Vega Market

    La Vega Market is Santiago’s largest and most vibrant produce market. Local families and chefs from the city’s high-end restaurants shop side by side, searching for the region’s best ingredients for traditional fare. Be sure to taste some of Chile’s delicious native fruits like Lúcuma.

  • Star Gazing

    The Atacama Desert offers some of the clearest skies on the planet. Astronomers are on staff at the Explora observatory, so be sure to spend an evening with them gazing into the galaxy.

  • Coca Tea

    Try drinking the local Coca Tea, similar to green tea, but mostly consumed in the Andes Mountains, to help with altitude sickness in Cusco – it really does help!