Passport Renewal Reminder

Ready, Set, JET!

After this incredible year of ‘pause’, we were forced to slow down, stay home, and navigate a life that has slowly shaped our ‘new normal’.

While there are many factors that will influence how we travel, we invite you to reevaluate what the ‘new normal’ is for you as you prepare to adventure again. As your ally and advocate, we value knowing what factors are most important in your travel decision-making.

The team at JETSET strives to remain your trusted resource for the most up-to-date information and will continue to monitor requirements, restrictions, and conditions as borders being to open.

To help position you for success and allow you to seamlessly explore, we invite you to check your current passport expiration date. While we’ve ‘paused’, many important documents have expired, so it may be time to renew passports as well as emergency evacuation coverage.

For details or assistance, feel free to reach out to your trusted JETSET advisor or visit for details.

Please be reminded that some countries have their own validity requirements as well.

If you are a Global EntryTSA PreCheck, or MedJet Assist member, we recommend verifying your membership details and expiration dates and update accordingly.

Again, we are here to ensure you are well equipped and prepared to venture abroad once again.