JetSet Experiences: No News, No Shoes

I listen to the sails struggling to support the passing wind that also cools my sun soaked skin.  The gentle rocking as the waves roll below – I am lulled in to the most relaxed state.

There is a real luxury – and art – to “doing nothing”.  Learning to simply “be” requires discipline.  When this state is embraced, the ultimate gift is awarded: sheer contentment.  And in this environment void of noise pollution, troubling news, and endless to dos, one has time and space to reconnect with those most near and dear.

Adrift at sea, unplugged from the real world, I find my battery completely recharged. For four blissful days I went exactly where the wind took me.  No check-in desk.  No registration forms to complete.  Not even a “do not disturb” sign.  There were no decisions to make.  I was left only to contemplate where I would lounge aboard our gorgeous 62’ Lagoon Catamaran, Foxy Lady.  Would I read the latest issue of Vanity Fair or catch up on business reading in “Good to Great”?  Perrier or Red Stripe?  Coldplay or Bob Marley?  Paddleboarding or kayaking?  Decisions, decisions.

In my quest to sail the seven seas, my yachting experiences have spanned the Cyclades in Greece, the Aeolian Islands in Italy, and the British Virgin Islands – traditionally bareboating with friends.  However, my most recent experience was “crewed”.  I did not lift a finger, and loved every second of it!

Renewed, recharged, revitalized – I return to Chicago, blanketed in snow, and remember the warmth that enveloped me only days ago.  I stare out at the falling flakes and dream of my next exploit– sailing the famously fabled and far flung French Polynesia.

I invite you to share your own yachting fantasy and I’ll help make it a reality: Julia Douglas – – 312-574-1181