JETSET’S Top 10 Family Travel Tips

Need to know tips for globe-trotting families!

JETSET Founder Julia Pirrung serves on the Travel & Leisure Advisory Board as an expert on family travel. Here, our JETSET Mamas Julia, Lauren, and Courtney share their Top 10 hit-list to elevated family sojourns.

  1. Once kids are 4 or older, they really enjoy being part of the itinerary design, learning about the destination, and helping to prepare and pack. Involving and engaging them early on leads to a more rewarding and memorable experience for all.
  2. Don’t overschedule your days. Leave time for spontaneity, wonderment, and exploration. Slowing down leads to rich unplanned moments.
  3. Children tend to have more energy and a stronger level of engagement in the morning. We recommend beginning your scheduled days right after breakfast and allowing for spontaneous and relaxing afternoons.
  4. A hotel with a pool is always a good idea! If the weather is not cooperating, a jump in the indoor pool is always a great way to spend a couple of hours.
  5. Snacks! On the airplane, in your day bag, hidden in a pocket – have a healthy snack on hand for those moments when a quick tummy filler is needed.
  6. Mix up your modes of transport. Choose a boat, ferry, cable car, subway, horse-drawn carriage, or pedi-cab instead of sitting in the back of an Uber or taxi. The more planes, trains, and automobiles, the more fun for kids!
  7. Even with picky eaters, be sure to share the local culinary options (from market visits to fine dining) with your children. Your kids may surprise you on what they’re drawn to taste in the moment!
  8. If glob-trotting with infants and toddlers, find a compact stroller that can be used both on- and off-road. The Babyzen YOYO+ and UPPAbaby G-Lux strollers are fabulous choices. They both can drop down into sleep mode so your little one can get their zzz’s.
  9. Get a lightweight baby carrier that weighs less than a pound and can fit inside a small purse! The Boba Air Baby Carrier is our favorite.
  10. Hand Sanitizer and Wipes! Always good to have both of these on hand for those unexpected travel moments.