For those of you who have been on safari, or desire a different sort of adventure, Okavango Horse Safaris offers a truly amazing experience that will get your heart galloping!

The feelings that overcome you while being on safari are indeed overwhelming. Now multiple that by ten. The intimate encounter with game on a horseback safari is unparalleled. The only sounds that surround you are those of the wild. No worn roads, engine humming, or camera snapping behind you. Canter beside exquisite giraffes, pause to observe buffalos drinking at a water source, and admire elephant bulls that stroll near you during the ride. Sitting up high on your horse, looking over the tall grass and bush, your position will provide a unique vantage point that will reinvent safari: your ‘overland journey’.

Whether 5, 7, or 10 days, each itinerary includes 4-6 hours per day in the saddle. The remaining time is spent swimming, canoeing in mokoros (a traditional dug-out canoe), walking and on traditional game drives.

If you are interested in saddling up on an African adventure, please contact Melissa Pugh for your African Horse Safari: