JETSET EXPERIENCES: Shedding new light on Cape Town

When asked what truly makes Africa special, I overheard an Englishman answer, “The light.” As I reflected on my recent travels in Africa, I couldn’t have agreed more.

There are many things that draw us to Africa: the animals, the people, the wine, the beaches, the migration; however, one element remains the same: the light. Mother Nature has an incredible way of highlighting Africa’s beauty with both her sun and moon. Typically we associate this amazing light to revealing sunrises and dramatic sunsets in the bush, but it extends far beyond.

Most recently, in Cape Town, I enjoyed a different perspective on a sunrise hike up Lion’s Head. We set off with headlamps and torches, but very slowly the sun illuminated our path. Through navigating a series of climbing ladders, we eventually arrived to the top – and the views of Cape Town were breathtaking! Fortuitously, our guide had prepared a breakfast hamper so we were afforded time to sit and watch the bustling city below come to life.

The next morning, Escape + Explore, had prepared another sunrise adventure: this time with a paddle. On my Stand Up Paddle board, I propelled myself slowly across a harbor that was so still the surface acted as a mirror to surrounding objects. I could smell freshly brewed coffee and hear seagulls calling overhead. Another dazzlingly unique perspective from Cape Town, this time from below.

We celebrated the ethereal beauty and natural wonder with a classic South African tradition: the “sundowner”. And there is no better place to conclude (and celebrate) a day’s adventure than at Umi in Camps Bay.

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