JetSet Experiences: Expedition Cruising

Sometimes it is the unexpected that turns a good vacation into an extraordinary experience. This may seem contradictory coming from travel advisors who intricately plan every detail of an itinerary, however, on Lindblad Expeditions natural occurrences cannot be rehearsed!

Though the Expedition Leaders design an itinerary for each day of the cruise, the best days onboard are when they throw out the plan because you just encountered a pod of orcas or a group of humpback whales. These serendipitous moments cannot be anticipated, but happen often as Lindblad strategically centers their cruise itineraries in the most naturally rich areas of the world.  The small ships easily access environments that whales, bears, sea lions, penguins, seals, polar bears, and birds, to name a few, call home.  And due to the limited number of passengers, this affords an extremely intimate experience.

Nighttime entertainment, casinos, and buffets for miles are best found elsewhere.  Though Lindblad does serve world class food, the ‘special of the day’ is always active outdoor educational experiences.  The National Geographic specialist’s educational lessons deepen passengers’ experiences each day and raise awareness of their surrounding environment creating a lasting impact and indelible impression.

From waking up to 100,000 pairs of penguins in Antarctica to falling asleep to the polar bears in the Arctic, Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic deliver riveting experiences from pole to pole.

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