JetSet Destinations: Uganda and Rwanda


Fearsome in appearance yet remarkably peaceable creatures, everybody that visits the gorillas of Africa experiences the most life changing wildlife encounter possible. The spectacular African landscapes and wildlife of Uganda and Rwanda offer range of safari activities, however each is uniquely different.

Rwanda is a lush, landlocked country boasting a countryside dotted with small farms and areas of rugged mountains. Gorilla tracking around Rwanda couldn’t be easier or more of an adventure. The journey to the gorillas takes you through a series of different forests and ecosystems, past the history of the region with Dian Fossey. The hour spent with the gorillas is truly humbling. Gorilla tourism is still relatively new to Rwanda, and the protected population of mountain gorillas can only be visited with special government permits by only a few people per day. In addition to gorilla tracking, the country is home to the Nyungwe Forest, which populates many other primate species including chimpanzees.

Uganda shines with stunning greenery, deep lakes, soaring mountains and half of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is thick and the terrain demanding, but the rewards are much greater. Uganda also offers its guests ascendable volcanoes, the opportunity to connect with the Batwa, a local people whose traditions are as endangered as the gorillas, and traditional game safari experiences with a twist (the Kazinga Channel with river animals and 600+ bird species and the Kyambura Gorge, with an isolated population of chimpanzees).

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