JetSet Destinations: Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, situated at an elevation of 12,500 feet in the Andes Mountains on the Bolivian border of Peru, is a magical and mystical destination.  Though the landscape is alluring, its residents are most intriguing.

The Uros people have lived on an island of floating reeds since the Incas expanded onto their land hundreds of years ago.   Their lifestyle and subsistence is basic.  They make their living from fishing, selling their reed handicrafts, and weaving beautiful textiles.  Bright colors are dominate as the Uros believe the rainbow harmonizes people and nature – and ultimately leads to heaven.  Thus, their vibrant clothing sends a message to the gods that they are happy.

Titilaka is equally vibrant with 18 uniquely styled lake view rooms, Relais & Chateaux gourmet cuisine, and unlimited exploration offered in their fully inclusive experience.  The magic transcends the destination and engulfs those fortunate enough to visit this remote corner of the country.

Immerse yourself!  Let Jill Taylor design your Andean adventure: