JetSet Destinations: Colombia

Colombia seems to be everywhere you turn nowadays, for good reason.  Thanks to its privileged location on the continent, all the environments of the tropics are present: glaciers, beaches, plains, rainforests, and deserts. In addition, Colombia offers a perfect blending of three cultures – Indian, European, and African. On the culinary front, the cities of Bogota and Medellin have drawn many of South America’s top chefs who have opened signature restaurants.

Gorgeous and historic Cartagena, on the bejeweled Caribbean coast and just 2 hours from Miami, has become synonymous with high concept boutique hotels and a thriving nightlife scene that rivals South Beach.  If you crave excitement packed with adrenaline, look to Santander, the land of adventure.  For the heart and soul of Colombia, head to the lush, green and rural “triangulo de café”, only a 30 minute flight from Bogota.  Experience jaw dropping scenery inhabited by laid back and friendly farmers that are all too eager to share their Garden of Eden with visitors. A highlight to any itinerary would be to stay at the charming Hacienda Bambusa, a seven room rural hacienda surrounded by over 250 acres of banana, cacao, pineapple, tangerines and cattle.

With an economy that is seeing tremendous growth international visitors are flocking to experience the proud Colombian resurgence first hand.  The prior decade’s violence and safety concerns in Colombia have almost been entirely melted away by a population radiant with enthusiasm and optimism. In the words of the Colombia tourism board: “Colombia. The only risk is wanting to stay”.

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