Cartagena: A coastal, fortified city I have longed to visit for years – and now I am here.

Surprisingly, this Columbian seaside retreat feels very familiar, and I find that reassuring. It is almost like a memory game where I think, “I have seen this one before.” But where?  Cartagena has the soul, spirit, and energy of New Orleans, complemented by a Spanish sophistication and historical grandeur found in many Andalusian villages like Córdoba. Is it the many gelaterias flanking the quaint passages that introduce a flavor of Italy as well? The sensation I experience in strolling the cobble-stoned streets and admiring the boldly painted façades with overhanging balconies reminds me of Verona….

What is it about traveling and discovering that causes us to seek parallels from past experiences? I am only too grateful to have so many to reference! Here’s to adding to the portfolio. Bucket list: check.

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