JetSet Destinations: Bulgaria


Located in Southeast Europe, Bulgaria is boarderd on the south by Greece and lapped by waves of the Black Sea on the east. This location makes Bulgaria a perfect addition to a Mediterranean itinerary. Bulgaria presents a perfect balance of art, history, outdoor pursuits and striking panoramas.

This often over looked destination helped preserve Bulgarian culture and language during the Ottoman rule. It boasts untouched Roman ruins, medieval forts and is bursting with museums. The town of Melnik, along the Pirin Mountains, features striking, panoramic views. However, it may be most famous for its wine. The locals claim it is “hangover-free”; a challenge each visitor should accept!

Travel to the east and you’ll find white sandy beaches where undersea relics of dwellings, ceramic pottery, stone and bone tools dating back to the Bronze Age have been discovered. Whether you prefer a bustling beach or a remote seaside sanctuary, the Bulgaria coast provides a diverse offering.

With multiple city connections via Eurorail, and an easy to navigate road system, Bulgaria makes the perfect 1-week, self-drive addition to your next European discovery!

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