JetSet Destinations: Bhutan

Amankora Paro Bonfire , photo courtesy of Aman Resorts
Bhutan, a remote Himalayan Kingdom where collective success is measured by “Gross National Happiness”, offers a journey like no other. Amankora, a collection of five lodges each in a distinct and significant location, facilitates the discovery by providing each guest a dedicated guide, private driver, and highly personalized itinerary.

Whether climbing ancient mountain trails to arrive at a secluded Buddhist monastery; traversing lush valleys in search of the black necked crane who migrates across the soaring mountain peaks from Tibet; soaking in a traditional wooden hot stone bath stoked with steaming rocks and medicinal herbs; or savoring a Bhutanese chili flavored feast in a candlelit Potato shed; one is afforded the time and space for reflection and introspection.  The captivating natural beauty and purity of the landscape, people, and culture result in a transformative life experience and a deeply personal spiritual awakening.

A visit to the Land of the Thunder Dragon should sit at the top of life’s bucket list.

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