JET SET EXPERIENCES: Unique Cultures of Peru


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If you’re looking to divert from the popular path for a deeper experience of the lifestyle and culture found exclusively in the unique peaks and valleys of Peru, then a visit to Lake Titicaca is the perfect addition to your journey. Sharing a border with Bolivia in Southern Peru, it is the world’s highest navigable lake and home to some of the most interesting cultures that exist today – not only in Peru, but globally. Both National Geographic and UNESCO have been working to preserve the traditions of the communities in this area for many years. Unfortunately, due to draws of the modern world, we don’t know how much longer they will exist.

Once you settle in at Titilaka , you are immediately engulfed by gorgeous views and mesmerized by the peacefulness of its surroundings. Titilaka, which rests on a peninsula, is situated on rural farmland belonging to the local Peruvian farmers just beside it. Their colorful local artwork and weavings fill the bright and fresh interior, as does a welcoming team of local staff. The 18 rooms, restaurant and common areas throughout the resort have panoramic glass windows with views over the lake, which can occupy your mind for hours. In no time, the property transforms into your luxurious home base from which to embark on daily excursions through the landscapes and communities in the area.

You will find yourself astounded on a full day guided excursion to visit the pre-Incan people inhabiting the Uros floating islands, as well as marvel at the UNESCO protected Taquile Island, home to some of the finest craftsman in Latin America. On land, you can explore the neighboring farmlands by bike, foot or car to observe locals harvesting of crops. Titilaka encourages a visit to learn about the famous weaving community of Copamaya, where all the hotel’s rugs and textiles are made. If your thirst for Peruvian culture still is not satisfied, exploring weekend markets and ancient ruins are just an easy trip away.

It is important to arrange a marvelous visit to Titilaka through a trusted and experienced travel designer. At almost 13,000 feet, altitude sickness is quite common and makes travel from sea level directly to the lake inadvisable.

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