If there’s a queen of trending travel destinations, Iceland may take the crown.

Departing June 28, 2018
If there’s a queen of trending travel destinations, Iceland may take the crown. While tourism has skyrocketed, this once-in-a-lifetime, 9-night Linblad Expeditions National Geographic Explorer expedition cruise allows travelers to reach the remote coastal regions of Iceland not accessible by land. Discover a storied past and rare wildlife—#pureiceland.

– Explore Siglufjor—a quiet fishing village and home to the funky Herring Era Museum.
– While in Akureyri, travel to historic Godafoss and discover a waterfall of Iceland’s 12th-Century heathen gods.
– At Lake Myvatn, visit Jokulsa Canyon National Park, the Namaskard boiling sulfur pits, and volcanic formations at Asbyrgi Canyon.
– Traverse Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, via a tricked out 4×4 vehicle, and redefine off-the-beaten path.
– On Flatey Island, find no vehicular traffic and traditional small wooden homes. A hilltop church features a library built in 1864.
– Grimsey Island lies exactly on the Arctic Circle.
– A bookend to the cruise, explore charming Reykjavik and discover its hip boutiques and hopping nightlife, or hit the famous Blue Lagoon.

The 148-guest National Geographic Explorer is a state-of-the-art expedition ship. A fully stabilized, ice-class vessel, it navigates polar passages while providing exceptional comfort. An Undersea Specialist operates a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and sophisticated video equipment—additional access to the underwater world.

Heimaey is an island home to 4,500 people, and 8 million puffins during summer! The island known for the 1973 eruption of the volcano Eldfell, which destroyed half the town. Locals curbed the destruction by cooling lava with seawater.

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