Irresistible Island Escapes // Sea Me!

At JETSET, we are constantly monitoring the travel industry and COVID-19 updates, and it’s been uplifting lately to hear daily news of island destinations and resorts reopening borders and doors. We also meticulously track global travel restrictions and potential testing mandates; as such, journeying with peace of mind during this exceptional era remains our north star. 

But if your wanderlust mirrors ours, a sensual island escape remains top of mind: toes tickled by sand, eyes treated to can’t-look-away views, and ears alerted to the ebb and flow of our favorite coastlines. In anticipation of your next sun-kissed sojourn, whenever it may be, here’s where to go for the ultimate in vitamin sea. 

When asked if they could go to any island destination right now, despite the current conditions, here’s where our team is dreaming of . . .

Jill Taylor | Fregate Island (Seychelles)

After a breathtaking, 15-minute helicopter ride from Mahe, you’ll be transported to an island oasis with just 16 meticulously designed villas. Expect a lush island teeming with wildlife (hello, giant tortoise!). Adventurists can stay busy with both land and sea outings, yet this secluded oasis is also the perfect place to do absolutely nothing while reveling in the solitude of seven private pristine beaches. The resort grows 80-percent of its fruits and vegetables—enjoy breakfast in a banyan tree among more than 200 species of birds.


Julia Pirrung | Soneva Jani (Maldives)

The whimsy of Soneva Jani is simply unparalleled. From checking your shoes upon arrival (mantra: “no shoes, no news”) to enjoying movies suspended under the stars at Cinema Paradiso and slipping down your private waterslide into the Indian Ocean, Soneva Jani captures the finest in laid-back luxury. It’s also a feelgood indulgence, as the resort is anchored in sustainability and includes such eco-conscious activities as coral planting, eco-friendly surfing, kite surfing, and marine conservation expeditions. Best of all? The Maldives are now welcoming Americans, so this dream hideaway can become a current reality!


Lindsey WoodcockFogo Island Inn (Newfoundland)

Get ready to disconnect, open the windows to the world, and expand your curiosity as you enjoy castaway-style luxury at Newfoundland’s Fogo Island Inn. Discover this still-wild destination which boasts seven distinct seasons, an abundance of adventures, community engagement, and ethereal landscapes. Its stunning architecture frames the North Atlantic coastline, icebergs, and wandering wildlife. But one of the most important and inclusive aspects of this hidden gem? The Inn’s commitment to the island, its people, and upholding a way of life that has long fostered a tight-knit and creative community. The rooms, décor, and culinary program are all sustainably designed, utilizing local resources, crops, designers, and builders (no plastic here) to create a cozy atmosphere amidst the wild and rugged terrain. 


Gabrielle Eichstaedt | Capri (Italy)

Capriunexpected right? When you say island, you might not think of this magical place off Italy’s Amalfi Coast in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Yet considering its incredible blue-green waters, beach clubs, amazing cuisine, and jet-set style, there’s something for everyone. With stunning views of Faraglioni, spend a day lounging at La Fontelina beach club, where you can order a marvelous lunch of linguine vongole while yacht-watching. Work off the rosé with a stroll back up the hilly neighborhood while boutique-hopping along the way. After a siesta, dine at one of the many irresistible restaurants. Last up? The Piazzetta calls for a nightcap or gelato while people-watching. The following morning, you get to do it all again. 


Peter Tibble | Nihi Sumba (Indonesia)

Nihi Sumba is not an escape from life but a return to life well-lived. Located in Indonesia (the world’s largest island country), Nihi Sumba is a destination embraced by purpose and meaning. Twenty-eight uniquely designed villas all feature a private plunge pool and sweeping views of the Indian Ocean. Surf one of the world’s most private waves or swim with the horses along a 2.5-km beach. What’s more, the Nihioka Spa Safari is an incredibly unique experience tailored to ignite each one of your senses.  


Melissa Pugh | COMO Parrot Cay (Turks and Caicos)

Arriving in Turks and Caicos is a treat in and of itself. But then getting whisked away via boat to a private island off its cerulean shores? Well, welcome to COMO Parrot Cay. From the moment you touch down on the mainland to your arrival at the island jetty, COMO’s indelible service ensures a sensational journey. By the time you check into your suite, you are already disconnected from home, technology, and stress—a blissful state of mind. Walk, swim, or unwind on pearl-white sand beaches. If able to peel yourself from the crystal-blue seascape, the serene COMO spa awaits. And the cuisine? With a mix of Caribbean and Asian flavors, your palate will be oh-so-happy. Explore the island on your own beach cruiser, as the privacy allows you and your travel companions to unwind and take in the natural beauty. You won’t want to leave, but once you do, a return trip is nearly mandatory.


Caroline Sprunger | Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort (Lanai, Hawaii)

Dreaming of the beautiful island of Hawaii? A stay at the Four Seasons Lanai Sensei Retreat is a must. Disconnect from people, technology, and everyday life while taking time to reflect and relax in the here and now. Highlights of this indelible experience include lush landscapes, breathtaking ocean vistas, waterfalls, and exquisite new accommodations. Refueling both body and soul in this amazing setting is a true dream!


Michelle Gordon| The Brando (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

Imagine yourself on a white sandy beach, surrounded by the sounds of the Pacific and breezes blowing in the trees. A setting where you have time to read and dream; to disconnect and reconnect with nature. This special place is The Brandoone of the world’s top private island resorts. Once Marlon Brando’s own private getaway, today The Brando is an ultra-polished, eco-conscious hideaway.  


Megan Hintz | Jumby Bay Island (Antigua)

Considered one of the most beautiful, undisturbed places in the world, Jumby Bay Island is a private isle of white-powdered beaches surrounded by turquoise waters. This remote retreat  is reachable only by boat and offers watersports, walking and cycling paths, and amazing foodperfect for couples and families alike. Accommodations range from suites to private residences, and all offer plenty of space and privacy for the ultimate haute hideaway!


If an island escape is enticing, consider us your dreamsmiths. We offer more than 100+ years of industry experience and provide real-time updates on entry requirements. Contact us for further information.