We invest in relationships. Indulge in intelligence. Revel in understanding. And then deliver on your desires.

Our goal: minimize hassle and maximize wow factor.


Authentic experiences are the new definition of luxury travel. Time with those that matter most? Today’s greatest commodity. Managing that time together is a responsibility we take seriously. We’re boutique by design, and invested in you.

Additionally, we foster deep partnerships with premier product and talent worldwide.


Go ahead…think big. We make your dreams a reality. How? A simple yet prescient approach. Read on.


Hello, You

No matter the destination or adventure, the journey begins with you. Cookie-cutter travel? Not our jam. Rather, the Jet Set process always starts with a detailed consultation to glean insight in to your dreams and desires. As such, no two Jet Set itineraries are the same.

Unforgettable, however? Always.


Collaboration is king

Revealing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities is our call to action. We custom tailor your unique wanderlust. Travel time, seasonality, and budget are all thoughtfully considered as we make suggestions. As with any collaboration, the greater your involvement and direction, the more successful the outcome.


Initiating the plan

After our initial consultation, we’ll follow up with a simple recap and include sample itineraries with relevant online references. Sample itineraries provide insight to how others have personalized their journeys. Then we’ll discuss how best to craft your own.

Once you’ve decided where you’re off to, we collect Jet Set’s World Travel forms along with your travel planning initiation fee and officially commence work on your personalized itinerary.


Curated itineraries

We execute your vision.
Sense of place is paramount, whether you stay at hotels, villas, or remote retreats. Once accommodations are selected, we’ll incorporate transportation and touring. Next up? Airfare, since it’s the least flexible. If utilizing miles/points is preferred, we’ll research air travel first as award availability can decide travel dates.

Once everything is exactly as you wish — voila! — arrangements are secured with a deposit.



About two months prior to travel, we accessorize.
The unique and intimate details of a seamless and inspiring trip are fine-tuned. This means everything from dining reservations to spa appointments to theater tickets or babysitting. Hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara at sunrise, or center court seats at Wimbledon? Check!

When every last “i” has been dotted and “t” crossed, we’ll send a final invoice for our services and prepare relevant documentation to be shipped.



As each element of your trip is confirmed, details will be easily accessible via our exclusive JETSET app for reference on the go or viewable online through a unique URL. All documents — including flight e-tickets, electronic rail tickets, or visa approval letters — are attached under “Documents.” You’ll receive flight updates within 24 hours of travel, and can message with your dedicated travel designer while in destination.

Our favorite part? This custom creation will forever live on your smartphone, so the itinerary can be referenced years from now!



The cost of airfare is almost always due in full at time of ticketing. For comprehensive land itineraries, only a deposit is due once the proposal is approved. The amount of the deposit and final payment date are dependent on the destination and travel supplier, but generally speaking, deposit will be 10-50% of the total trip cost and final payment will be due 45-90 days prior to travel.

Our travel-planning fee initiates the start of your trip and is paid upfront. Any additional services we provide, like ticketing fees, concierge reservations, or additional research are invoiced once all travel planning is complete, usually a few weeks prior to your departure.



Your time is a precious commodity.

As such, we’re invested in intimately understanding your vacation desires and needs. Details make all the difference. Click here to access the requested forms prior to our live consultation so we can custom-tailor recommendations to your unique preferences.

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“Working with Jet Set is always a pleasure. The advisors are on the ball and are incredibly clear, unusually nice and easily accessibly. Together we make an extraordinary team and successfully conceive and craft special experiences that deliver an unforgettable holiday for their delightful clients!”

– Laura Tornabene, Leisure Sales & Marketing Manager, Exclusively Italy –