Just Back From: Tuscany, Italy

5 Qs with JetSet Adventure Travel Designer Lindsey Woodcock

What led you to become passionate about adventure travel?

Growing up in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho, adventure was a birthright. From skiing to backpacking, and mountain surfing to mountain biking, the great outdoors were, and still remain, my natural playground. The one caveat about growing up in a small town is that it can limit your global exposure, so my mom ensured we traveled a lot during my formative years. This perfect combination led to my obsession, passion, and never-ending curiosity about the unique adventures and explorations around the world.

Which experience or destination do you covet most after your recent visit to Tuscany for the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS)?

When people think of Tuscany they usually envision large castle-like accommodations and plenty of wine tasting—a one-stop shop. My recent trip to Tuscany, before the ATWS, included a five-day road biking trip, hiking up the stunning Mt. Forato overlooking the Carrera Marble quarry, and listening to tails of cave-explorations, scuba diving, and thermal waters from fellow ATWS attendees. It really opened my eyes to the potential of this destination. If you dig a little deeper and venture a little further,

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