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Just Back from: Bryce, Yellowstone, & Zion

With Independence Day upon us, we celebrate our freedom – and our beautiful country, America.

While longing to venture further afield, friends and colleagues, Julia Pirrung and Sunni McBride, were reminded of the bounty in our own ‘backyard’. Eager to hit the road after months at home, Sunni headed north from Aspen to Yellowstone for a week of outdoor adventure with family and friends, while Julia set off from Snowmass and traveled west to explore Moab, Bryce, and Zion. Slick rock, slot canyons, hoodoos, geysers, mud pots, and waterfalls were the ‘sights du jour’ as they traversed National Parks both big (Yellowstone) and small (Bryce).

We indulge you with some of their findings.

O come, all ye faithful.

Remain joyful and triumphant!


Why did you select these national parks to visit?

Sunni: I think Yellowstone appealed as it is not only the first National Park (established in 1872) but is the most iconic.

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