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Naturally Inspired!

A visit to Africa—often categorized as a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip yet rarely visited only once—lassoes the imagination and awakens the spirit.

Though the global pandemic has challenged our norms, it’s also invited us to live a simplified existence and reside in the present. A “be-here-now” mantra is the DNA of Africa, where daily wildlife survival is always uncertain. While on safari, nature is defined by a soundtrack of animal calls, a breeze across the vast landscape, or an approaching storm. What to expect? No TV and unreliable Internet (often intentionally), so you can truly unplug from the day-to-day and immerse yourself in the present. This step back in time is deeply restorative – almost hypnotic. Outside news becomes unwelcome noise, while the importance placed on time is abandoned. Rather, simple pleasures—the ceremonious gin-and-tonic sundowner, stargazing at an infinite sky without light pollution, and bush walks to study animal tracks—are all intimately orchestrated and offer natural physical and social distance.

A number of countries in Africa have reopened their borders with careful measures to preserve and enforce the health of its visitors,

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