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Ah, Asia. Every country explored reveals eye-opening cultural paradigms.

How will you bridge history with contemporary? 

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Essentials while traveling in Asia:  

*Leave room in your luggage to indulge in tailor-made clothes.

*A sarong.  It’s an essential, just like a white t-shirt.  Wear to relax on your lanai, stroll the beach, and even to sleep.  It’s the most versatile accessory.

*Your favorite playlist and portable speaker.  While western music is widely played in metropolises, more remote corners of the continent don’t receive radio signal and many emerging countries still play cassette tapes.

*Charcoal pills and probiotics. Sanitation is highly inconsistent, so be prepared to preserve your health with supplements and travel meds.  For more tropical climates, pack plenty of mosquito repellent and ensure all immunizations are current.

*Many countries still require visas for entry, so consult with your JETSET advisor or the country embassy to avoid surprise.

Local Hero

Jalsa Urubshurow, Mongolia

Jalsa Urubshurow, a carpenter by trade and a pioneering outfitter for nearly three decades, opens remote and untouched corners of Asia to the West. Jalsa is the charismatic founder and CEO of Nomadic Expeditions, which he created in 1992 after Mongolia’s first democratically-elected Prime Minister, Dashiin Byambasüren, entrusted him with expanding accessibility to the country to Western travelers. Jalsa has put Mongolia on the global tourism map—initially with Nomadic Expeditions and its guided explorations of the nation’s natural and cultural heritage, later by founding the Golden Eagle Festival, which preserves the age-old tradition of hunting on horseback with eagles, and, most recently, with Three Camel Lodge, the only true luxury eco-lodge in the Gobi Desert.


Our family had a magical trip to Bangkok, Indonesia, Bhutan and Hong Kong for my mother’s 75th birthday.  Melissa put together the most incredible trip for us, every detail accounted for from the moment we set foot on the airplane in Chicago to our arrival home one month later, including fantastic food, phenomenal hotel stays, adventurous day trips, all the while experiencing the incredible rich cultures of each country and receiving top notch service.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip, which couldn’t have been done without Melissa’s expertise and breadth of knowledge, as well as Jet Set’s connections!

Mirja Haffner, Domestic Engineer and Philanthropist, Chicago, IL –

[ ASIA ]


Cally Pirrung, JETSET Travel Designer says: I always pack a fun, colorful scarf in my purse in case it’s a hot day and you need to cover your exposed shoulders (or knees!) to enter temples. Comfortable closed-toed shoes for covering a lot of ground in one day. Ursa Major face wipes for a refresh during hot days out exploring!


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