Game Changers: Travel that Transforms

Where will your imagination take you next? There is hope on the horizon, with plenty of new landscapes and surreal sojourns in our future. At JETSET, we dream big.

We believe in silver linings – and that behind every cloudy day, the sun still shines. We also revel in nature—an escape, a muse, and a bellwether of global health.

During this global pause, wildlife has flourished, carbon emissions have subsided, and we have contributed to the cyclical health of mother nature simply by our stillness. However, the stillness has caused disruption in many areas of the world, where conservation depends on tourism.

The abrupt halt in movement, and the ripple effect on the economy, has staunched conservation efforts worldwide.   And so we are now dreaming of and planning trips that—once borders reopen—will emphasize our motto: because travel transforms.  We strive for our JETSET footprint to be positive, impactful, and sustaining as we continue to travel the world, together.

Here are three game changers to keep on your travel radar—destinations and initiatives that transcend borders,

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To Give & To Get

This holiday season, we’re celebrating the spirit of giving. Herewith, JETSET’s curated gift guide that pairs maximum positive impact with transformational travel experiences. It is by giving wholeheartedly that we receive abundantly. Read more ...