Ask an Expert: A Travel Advisor’s Family Trip Secrets

Meet Julia Douglas, a savvy travel consultant, and mom-in-chief who jumps on a plane with her kids every chance she gets. Read on for her family packing essentials, must have hotel amenities, and seasoned scheduling tips.

Who do I turn to when I need input on a tricky family travel question? Enter Julia Douglas, a woman who has long inspired me as a professional and a mom. Douglas is the founder and president of Jetset World Travel, a travel consultancy and design firm that creates bespoke trips for families and other clients that range from long weekends in San Francisco to month-long safaris in Africa. She’s also jetted with her own kiddos Slone (7) and James (5) to Wyoming, the Caribbean, French Polynesia, and beyond.

Below, Douglas shares her insider tips on executing a successful family trip with kids of all ages.


What is the key to planning a great family trip?

Involve kids right from the start. Ask them what they’re excited about and what they want to learn. Get books and movies about the destination, as well as travel-themed toys like those from the Little Passports program. Building anticipation before taking off brings everything on the trip itself to life.

What are your scheduling tips for families with young children?

In some ways,

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