Irresistible Island Escapes // Sea Me!

At JETSET, we are constantly monitoring the travel industry and COVID-19 updates, and it’s been uplifting lately to hear daily news of island destinations and resorts reopening borders and doors. We also meticulously track global travel restrictions and potential testing mandates; as such, journeying with peace of mind during this exceptional era remains our north star. 

But if your wanderlust mirrors ours, a sensual island escape remains top of mind: toes tickled by sand, eyes treated to can’t-look-away views, and ears alerted to the ebb and flow of our favorite coastlines. In anticipation of your next sun-kissed sojourn, whenever it may be, here’s where to go for the ultimate in vitamin sea. 

When asked if they could go to any island destination right now, despite the current conditions, here’s where our team is dreaming of . . .

Jill Taylor | Fregate Island (Seychelles)

After a breathtaking,

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